Photo Friday

Just wanted to spread some smiles for this weekend. Have a blessed one!


Good Things Come In Small Packages

I love notebooks.

There was a time when an exclusive club in school was conducting interviews to gain membership and I was asked to name a valuable object (or two) and answered pen and paper. Sadly, this did not work for their hypothetical line of questioning, haha. I shared more than just a notebook with these dudettes and have not abandoned lust want need love every time I see a beautifully designed notebook. In fact, that was one of the first things my hubby got me when we were first getting to know each other.

Cheesy facts aside, I was floored when I discovered.... My Quotable Kid by Chronicle Books. It. Was. Perfect! I had been writing down the sweetest and heart stoppingly funny tidbits my little one has been saying ever since she could open her mouth. Most are just stashed away in this supposedly anti-clutter storage box that has become the never ending pit of I'll-get-to-that-later scrapbook related material. Or become one of the many notes on my phone. I was starting to despair of when I would get bit by the crafty bug to get that project started when I stumbled upon this notebook. Now I can just write it all down and when the little one is not so little maybe present it to her on her 18th birthday... Or even her wedding. The possibilities are endless! 

That said though I am still on the hunt for the perfect pen to use on the pristine teal and tomato colored pages I couldn't resist adding a story or two. Let me know if you can read my tiny handwriting. :)

The real reason that I started this post is because I wanted to gush about share my blessings. I went into Francesca's Collections lured by the colorful frocks and adorable tidbits and several weeks later found out that I won $50 worth of jewelry. If I hadn't walked into the store I wouldn't have discovered this gem of a notebook. If I didn't buy the notebook I wouldn't have been entered into the raffle and won.  I didn't end up getting the original mint necklace I thought I wanted but the simple turquoise one instead. What a wonderful pre-birthday surprise! So thank you, Chronicle Books. Thank you, Francesca's Collections. Thank you, Lord, for the totally unexpected blessing.  


Children's Book Review: First of 2013

Since I enjoy reading so much and want to cultivate the same, if not greater, love of books in my child I figured I should really get serious with book reviews this year. Not only is this good for the little one but it also hits one of my goals since I promised myself I would write more. I don't know what will happen to one great idea I had several years back of writing a children's book for my child or if I'll ever finish it. Chalking it up as one of my yet unfinished projects already begun. But this project? Aaaah.... :)  

Here are just some of the books we have been enjoying this January. You can say this is a gauge of how badly I want to get these books for my child's small but hopefully growing library...

Grandpa Green
Written and Illustrated by Lane Smith

I was first drawn to this book because of it's abundance of GREENS. I love the color green! What struck me about the cover was the black ink used sparingly and the amazing use of shrubbery. The story is told by a little boy who literally walks through the garden of life... His great-grandfather's life. You will encounter chicken pox, little engines that could, and a huge wedding cake. You will discover one boy's dream and how a war affected living. What a wonderful example of how I would have wanted to write a book for my child that would pass on our family history. The little one and I enjoyed it every bit and she kept asking for me to read the story over again. Adults and children alike will be enchanted. 5 stars! A definite keeper.

Yours Truly, Goldilocks
Written by: Alma Flor Ada
Illustrated by: Leslie Tryon

A closer look into how intertwined the lives of several beloved fairy tales really are, the story unfolds through (you guessed it) the art of letter writing! Now little readers will no longer have to imagine if Goldilocks and Little Red Riding Hood were the best of friends or if the Three Little Pigs ever got their housewarming party. You'll find that some wolfs are related and they have a dastardly plan taking root... This is a good introduction to snail mail and the little one and I have already started our project of making personalized envelopes and letters to mail to the Grands. Alright... it was just me who started the project. But I will credit the little one to picking some mighty fine scrapbook paper for our envelopes. :) 3 stars. Good (and quite lengthy) read for a preschooler but not enough to earn a place in our bookshelf.

Just Enough and Not Too Much
Written and Illustrated by: Kaethe Zemach

This is not the (un)usual fiddler on the roof story but rather a fiddler living under said roof. Simon will teach children (and maybe even remind the adult reader) the importance of being content with what we have versus the black hole need of wanting more. I especially enjoy how he manages to solve his problem in a creative way very much unlike Prudy in Prudy's Problem and How She Solved It. Quite frankly, Prudy did NOT solve her problem. 3.5 stars. I'm leaning towards having this book in our collection as a reference example of Aristotle's golden mean.

Written and Illustrated by: Kathryn Otoshi

Not your usual color and counting book, One's simply wonderful and refreshing watercolor touches upon almost all the colors of the rainbow. It's about what a big difference one can make and will introduce tolerance and anti bullying to readers of all ages. The little one enjoyed this when we were at the bookstore she wanted me to read it over and over again. 5 stars for text, illustration and values!