New Lists for 2010

No one reads this (except YOU, dear friend!) so I feel like I can freely say whatever I want to. After downing a frappuccino in a bottle and snacking on junkfood, all I have between my ears are mumbo-jumbo I won't even try to make into a comprehensible blog. So that means bullet points about things I've been able to cross of my To Do list since it's still the first month of the year and I'm big on lists.

  • I've finally emailed our photographer about the correct wedding photo #s so they can get cracking on our wedding album. It's been more than a year now...
  • Thanks to Wedgienet.net, our wedding Thank You postcards have finished the draft stage! We really <3>
  • Printing stage. Doing my homework right now to see the most cost effective route to go. Then I'll have to...
  • Fix the mailing list and perhaps use mail merge for the old labels we bought for the wedding. Geez, more than a year and I'm still working on wedding stuff. Haha.
  • I'll have to send the hubby to buy stamps. Or ze bebe and I can do it when we buy groceries. Whichever comes first.
As always, I'll be working on the laundry tomorrow. Pretty much this whole week, seeing as it'll be a stormy one. I don't want to venture out in the rain because other than not having an umbrella, California drivers are just crazy and stupid.

I shall hopefully (crosses fingers) get cracking on fixing up the extra room. Initially, I had planned on putting the computer table in the middle of one wall to get a fresh perspective but now that I'm getting excited with all the baby stuff I'm thinking of making it ze baby's playroom. Ugh. Decisions, decisions. Bottom line is: I NEED TO CLEAN!!!

It's really late and I should be in bed so night-night.

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