Baking Exploit: Lemon Bars

When the little one starts to sleep, this mommy tries to earn her keep... by trying her hand at baking once again. And so I give you my very first attempt at making Lemon Bars. Though the hubby has such good raves about it I think I got a little too excited in sprinkling confectioner's sugar on top. I might also lessen the lemon juice from what the recipe calls for. But here I am, at 2 in the morning, having just eaten three big squares.

Good night.


  1. Oh those look amazing! I LAB LEMON SQUARES :9~~~ You're seriously making me crave for lemon squares right now. GRRRR. And there's no such thing as too much confectioner's sugar! :)

    Glad you're baking again! Another idea for Etsy haha. Would you believe they also sell cookies and cakes and cupcakes on Etsy? :-o Too bad I'm overseas haha, pag dating sakin panis na =))

  2. Aw, thanks! I was given a lot of lemons since a friend has a tree at home. Still have a lot left so I'll make (strawberry) lemonade for next week. I'll post pics :) Haha, and you and Randy think the same re: confectioner's sugar. My mom thought madami haha.

    Hay, baking and Etsy!!! I have to finish my other little projects first before I really go into Etsy. Andami ko nang gustong bilhin don haha pero wala naman akong pera. Uy! Let me know what you want sa Etsy so when we come home I can give it to you :)

  3. oh wow! loads of confectioner's sugar! i labbbbb! i have sweet teeth (meaning i have more than one). that looks delicious! :)