Good Things Come In Small Packages

I love notebooks.

There was a time when an exclusive club in school was conducting interviews to gain membership and I was asked to name a valuable object (or two) and answered pen and paper. Sadly, this did not work for their hypothetical line of questioning, haha. I shared more than just a notebook with these dudettes and have not abandoned lust want need love every time I see a beautifully designed notebook. In fact, that was one of the first things my hubby got me when we were first getting to know each other.

Cheesy facts aside, I was floored when I discovered.... My Quotable Kid by Chronicle Books. It. Was. Perfect! I had been writing down the sweetest and heart stoppingly funny tidbits my little one has been saying ever since she could open her mouth. Most are just stashed away in this supposedly anti-clutter storage box that has become the never ending pit of I'll-get-to-that-later scrapbook related material. Or become one of the many notes on my phone. I was starting to despair of when I would get bit by the crafty bug to get that project started when I stumbled upon this notebook. Now I can just write it all down and when the little one is not so little maybe present it to her on her 18th birthday... Or even her wedding. The possibilities are endless! 

That said though I am still on the hunt for the perfect pen to use on the pristine teal and tomato colored pages I couldn't resist adding a story or two. Let me know if you can read my tiny handwriting. :)

The real reason that I started this post is because I wanted to gush about share my blessings. I went into Francesca's Collections lured by the colorful frocks and adorable tidbits and several weeks later found out that I won $50 worth of jewelry. If I hadn't walked into the store I wouldn't have discovered this gem of a notebook. If I didn't buy the notebook I wouldn't have been entered into the raffle and won.  I didn't end up getting the original mint necklace I thought I wanted but the simple turquoise one instead. What a wonderful pre-birthday surprise! So thank you, Chronicle Books. Thank you, Francesca's Collections. Thank you, Lord, for the totally unexpected blessing.  

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