Is It in the Genes?

Maybe it's just this burgeoning Mommy-ness but lately I've been trying to figure out ways to be more productive in both mind and body while being a stay-at-home mother. It has been great to be able to spend 24/7 with ze bebe and it's wonderful to have some me time as well but most of that me time has been spent eating and being lazy.( Not a good start for 2010, eh? Here I use the word start loosely as it's still the 2nd month of the year.)

Yes, I've cleaned our spare room - it actually LOOKS like a room now instead of the big closet/room it was before. It's now a computer/playroom/music room. Yes, I've rearranged our kitchen and sala and I've already vacuumed the house several times since the onset of New Year but it's only given me a fleeting sense of accomplishment. Perhaps because it's so easy to get things dirty and it takes an unlazy mood to clean up. The good thing is I've been better at cleaning this year but like I mentioned the feeling of accomplishing those tasks was but minuscule. There has got to be something more.

In an attempt to try to get somewhere (anywhere!), I've started writing down hobbies, interests and just things in general that I've always wanted to do. Maybe I'll get lucky (or persistent enough) that I can turn at least one of those things into a home business that will not only help me to cultivate my creative juices but also bring a little income home. Then maybe I won't get so guilty whenever I want to buy a new pair of shoes or go window shopping. Yes, even window shopping triggers a little guilty feeling. Hahaha!

One such inspiration is Suzette, this lady we buy sans rival from. Making the heavenly dessert is just a hobby which sells for $17.50 a box. I would like to show you a picture but whenever one of her boxes are whipped out of the freezer thoughts of cameras just go right out the window because the survival of the fittest mode switch turns on and the fight of my fork to the nearest piece is uppermost on my list of things to do, or in this case, eat. Her sans rival is waaaaaaaaaaay better than that of lowly Goldilocks or even the decent Red Ribbon ones. Where was I? Oh, trying to perfect one item in order to sell it. Maybe I can do cupcakes. But there are already a lot of cupcake places. Still.... (Here you see the battle over my craving for cupcakes which will just lead to further fatness). I could make Food for the Gods using my Aunt's recipe since she makes them so well. Maybe I can tweak her recipe or with her blessing use her original recipe and sell it here...

Or I can take my scrapbooking to the next level and try to make little photo album/scrapbook projects for friends and family who want to make said things but just can't find the time to finish it. Kind of like myself, hahaha! Have I mentioned that it's only NOW that I've finally finished the scrapbook that I made for myself and the hubby for the first year we were together as boyfriend and girlfriend? Mind you, this was back in 2005-2006. I've already had my baby for 8 months.

I'm also interested in photography though most of the time it isn't much interested with me. Haha! It's okay, I can take rejection. This is why I want to invest in a good camera and the lense will follow. Then maybe I can charge for this later on.

In the end, maybe it really just boils down to one thing: starting a project and finishing it. Like this post which has taken me 3 hours to complete. Go figure.

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