While pouring over page after page of handmade paraphernalia @etsy I am just droooooling with envy at the wonderful creativity and talent I wish I had. A friend of mine sells cute notebooks and notepads online and I just wish I could do something like that. I've actually finished reading a book on crafting a business to go with this wave of longing to make something that sells. This bug got me back on track with finishing trying to finish several scrapbooks that, ideally, should have been finished more than two years ago.

After seeing these super cute dresses, I wish I had my grandmother's gift of sewing. That way I could make cute outfits for my baby (and myself)! Or if i only had enough patience to knit and crochet I could churn out some really awesome scarves or mittens or booties. As it is, I recall clumsily making pajama patterns and a hastily put together set of crocheted coasters for several Home Economics projects. But now that I have time in my hands, maybe I really SHOULD try.

Wish me luck!


  1. Oh, goodluck!! I hope you do push through with it. A LOOOOTTT of sellers on Etsy are stay-at-home moms and it just fits and makes sense to earn on the side while taking care of the kids :D Tell me if you need help with Etsy tips & tricks, I'll be glad to help out :D

  2. Thanks, dear! Yes, I do need help. Although I have a lot of homework to do first... But I would love to hear your tips and tricks of the trade! I've also got a couple of ideas maybe you can lend your two cents on... Will email you soon!