Of (Old) Resolutions and the Past

Back to my bad habit of staying up late to have a midnight snack (really should be plural) and surf the web. I've finished all the episodes of Glee so I should have been safe from another round of insomnia but I'm procrastinating sleeping. Figures. So much for my resolve to be disciplined. I will try again tomorrow :p

I also noticed that if before I used to stay up late doing something as meaningless as surf the web for clothing and shoes that I do not have the money to buy, I still do the same but not for myself anymore. Now, this is what I call doing my homework -- I look for styles and compare prices of what I might want to purchase for my baby. Then I can head over to Carter's or Marshalls and Kohls to check who has the most cost effective price, if they have a sale and if I have a coupon for that store. Window shopping to a new level? Sometimes, actually perusing clothing stores is more fun. If I can only wake up early enough to have more time to go window shipping with G. Haha!

I left a love note earlier saying that I would keep you updated on what's happened in the past N months. Let me see if I can recall
some highlights...


It was my baby's birthday and we were able to throw a successful party and stay within a reasonable budget. Hooray! Plus, we had a lot of leftover cake which was yummy as it was beautiful. My family also got inked, thanks to Glitter Tattoo. Really happy that we bought the kit because I can get my tatt whenever I want. It was worth it.


Something probably happened but there's nothing major I can recall. Or dare I say major major? Edit: Looking at photo files, I now realize this was the month when I first went to Sea World. After many back and forth messages, this was also the month when we finally got the free portrait session from
Jeremy Chou done.
seaworld 016


Big month, of course. My parents, siblings, baby and I all went home to the Philippines after 6 years. Almost 10 for my Dad. And my baby's first time. Thank goodness she didn't get sick at all! She only had colds for a total of 4 days and the only time it bothered her was when I would wipe her nose. Eew. I remember planning on eating all the food that I missed (oh so
that's what I did in August) but when I was in the Philippines I didn't get to cross of all on my list. Which was fine because spending time with my family and meeting up with several friends became top priority and food didn't matter that much anymore. Now that I'm back here though all I think about late at night is all the food I didn't get to scarf down and the food that I did get to eat but should have brought back with me. Haha!

See how small my world has become. And with that final remark I shall attempt to sleep for a day of apartment hunting and hopeful window shopping. Here's a final photo of the beauty that I was blessed to see yet again. Bon nuit!
philippines2010 181

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